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Le Mieux Skin Clarifying Pads 2 oz (30 Pads)
LeMieux Skin Clarifying Pads

Le Mieux Skin Clarifying Pads 2 oz (30 Pads)

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Le Mieux Skin Clarifying Pads 2 oz (30 Pads)
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Skin Clarifying Pad / 2 oz (30 Pads) / 55 ml

An exfoliating and pore purifying cleansing pad. It opens clogged pores, improves skin clarity, and reduces the appearance of acne for a healthy, smooth complexion. The specifically targeted delivery system with Salicylic Acid (Beta Acid) in a soft cloth is the perfect solution for eliminating blemishes on acne prone skin.


Pour Skin Clarifying Pad Solution into the jar with the pads. After cleansing routine, use 1 soaked pad and gently perform 2-3 passes on the face and neck area. Do not rinse after application.
2 oz / 30 Pads  |  55 ml

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