Do you want to purchase skin care products from an expert or someone that is reading out of a brochure for product information..........

JoElla Milan is a pioneer in the online skin care business. She was one of the first skin care websites.  Things have changed since then.  It use to be more basic.   Now it is a rapidly changing world.  She enjoys bringing people wonderful products in the privacy of their own home.

JoElla is extremely particular in the products she sells. Products are tested before going on her website.  She loves medical grade and natural products that make a change to the skin.  Not "Foo Foo" products that look and smell good.  If there are no noticeable results to the skin, they do not make the website.   

We provide " the best products for less" to our customers and sell current up-to date products, so they are always fresh. If a new formula comes out, we will not sell the old formula, unless requested by customer.   JoElla considers herself "one of the girls".  She knows the value of money and how hard people work to earn their income.  

There are times a product is back ordered by the manufacturer without our knowledge. Products are shipped as soon as they arrive. 

In my skin care studio, my facials, consist of deep cleansing, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, oxygen facials, firming masques and specialize in anti-aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, ethnic skin and challenging skin issues. And of course chemical peels, from the mild to more aggressive. 
Our online store is a safe and secure environment. All information is kept confidential and used for purchases only. 

When a purchase is put through, we do not see your account number, your expiration date or security code.  You can feel secure. 

Leave a message on our toll free number.  We try and answer when you call.  If you leave a message, we are sent and email and text, so do not hang up.