What does it take to become a Loyalty Customer?   It is easy, you just need to register as a customer. 

I offer many benefits for my clients. After you register, you need to log in.  Then you receive excellent pricing on some of my product lines.

Some of my manufacturers do not allow discounted pricing online. Once you log in, you may see the discounted pricing.  Osmosis for example, does not allow us to show discounted pricing unless you are logged in.

You are allowed to use 3 JoElla Bucks per month which will take off an extra $5.00 off your purchase.   Once registered and become a customer you will receive the code via my newsletter.

Special coupon code for up to 25% off  when you purchase the required set amount.  It will give you 25% off on all products except for a few excluded lines. The limit amount which may change at any given time.

Rewards Points.  You earn rewards points on each purchase that may be applied to your purchase. 

You may save up to 20% to 30% on your purchases.