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StemCell EGF Ampoules, LeMieux Cosmetics
Stem Cell EGF Ampoules, super potent, rejuvenating serum with stem cells, age-reversing epidermal growth factor.
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Blue Lotus Botanical Stem Cell Facial Ampoule Serum, Bio France Lab
Blue Lotus Stem Cell tightens and protects the skin and is a strong antioxidant. It relieves inflammation, hydates and balances the skin preventing breakouts.
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Mushroom Defying Age Facial Ampoule Serum, Bio France Lab
Mushroom Defying Age Facial Ampoule, Bio France Lab. These multiple botanical solvents, humectants, and emollients – exfoliates, closes the pores, pulls moisture binding water deeply through layers of the skin and aids the penetration of all active ingredients, inhibiting melanin production, assisting in wrinkle reduction, and boosting collagen production.
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