3 Key Products For Younger Eyes                                                                         

                            We Will Show You How To Change Your Skin 
                             You Learn How To Use The Products Correctly
                                   We Help Choose The Right Products For Your Skin Concerns
Clear Skin Beauty Essentials, LeMieux
Clear Skin Beauty, Essentials, LeMieux, Fight back against blemishes and those pesky enlarged pores with this detoxifying, pore-clearing set, reduce redness, irritation.
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Daily Cleansing Oil  5 oz.  PCA Skin
Daily Cleansing Oil, PCA Skin Gently dissolve makeup, oil, and other impurities with this lightweight pre-cleansing oil
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Face Cover, Osmosis + Beauty
Face Cover, Osmosis+Beauty. are soft, breathable, double-layered cotton featuring a concealed metal nose clamp for custom fit and comfort along with adjustable elastic ear bands
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Hyaluronic Boost Facial & Neck Gel Moisturizer, Bio France Lab
Hyaluronic Boost Facial @Neck Gel Moisturizer, by Bio France Lab penetrates deep into your skin where it hydrates and, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
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Makeup Removing Pads  PCA Skin
Makeup Removing Pads, PCA Sin Vitamin E and nourishing ingredient blend, gently cleanses of impurities and calms,
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Osmosis Beauty Sponge
This uniquely versatile sponge promotes seamless application and customizable coverage, serving as your “one-stop-shop” to a smooth, streak-free look every time
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Pepti Pro-Col, Viktoria De Ann
Viktoria De Ann Pepti Pro-Col, Scientifically formulated to promote the repair, replacement and restructuring of collagen. Normally used in combination with Pepti-Lift.
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Pepti Repair, Viktoria De Ann
Viktoria De Ann Pepti Repair, Formulated to signal programmed accelerated repair and restructuring of damaged skin.
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Perfectly Peptide DD Cream, Saian
Saian, Perfectly Peptide DD Cream. Better than a BB cream,or a CC cream! This Dynamic Do-All DD cream is perfect for color-correction and anti-aging. Formulated with the same 6 vegan peptides used in our Active Renewal Serum and Active Renewal Cream.
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Saian Charcoal Clearing Mask  2 oz.
Saian Detox Charcoal Clearing Mask is a unique mineral-rich natural clay mask that pulls out oils and detoxifies the skin.
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Vitality Energizing Facial Balm. 1.5 oz Pur Erb
Vitality Energizing Facial Balm Improves texture and tone Moisturizes and brightens dry, dull skin
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Amazing Testimonial For Capture Youth Water

Posted by JoElla Milan on 7/31/2020
  Amazing Testimonial For  Capture Youth Water.   I sell this as an anti-aging product only.
  Even though the healing properties are amazing, I do not talk or advertise this.   I have seen so many
  miracles from  Capture Youth Water

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LeMieux Eye and Lip Cream Tips

Posted by JoElla Milan on 7/19/2020

LeMIeux Eye and Lip Cream   This rich, peptide-infused concentrate is specially formulated to increase firmness around the eyes and lips, while improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Features 3
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New Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Set, Osmosis=Beauty

Posted by JoElla Milan on 7/19/2020

The Osmosis Beauty Rose Quartz Roller and Gu Sha Set is beautiful. The price is excellent too. Perfect for yourself or as a gift
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