Why Do I have to Log In To See Prices or Discounts

I know logging in is a pain.  It is something that we are required to do by the manufacturer.   Some skin care lines do not want their pricing or products to be sold online.  If you log in for pricing, only a select few will look at the products, and purchase. 

Some of these products are sold in high in Spa's and they do not want the products to be advertised to the public. We have to respect that and abide the rules set up by the manufacturer.

As far as discounts, some manufacturers require you log in for discounted pricing.  It is the same thing.  They do not want their products showing up at a discounted price such as Amazon or Ebay.  Their products are not allowed to be sold there at the lower prices.  You may be purchasing old or products that are not sold by the manufacturer.

If you log in and can see pricing or discounts, then that is available to our customers only.  Take advantage of the benefits you will enjoy as a registered customer.

Your information is never sold or given to anyone else.  We respect your privacy.