Why Are Fat Pads So Important? The fat pad provides a youthful curve to the face and makes the area around the eyes and cheeks look full. Over time, the malar fat pad slides in a downward direction due to the normal pull of gravity. That movement creates deep nasolabial folds while the shifting fat makes the eyes look hollow.You see movie stars filling their face with facial fillers to make these areas look more youthful. Most of the time, they have too much put in and look unnatural and distorted. That is why keeping your fat pads looking good while your are younger or using products that naturally increase this area are one of the most important thing you can do.. Your face will have a much more youthful look.

 Dr. Johnson of Osmosis Skin Care says that maintaining the fat pads in the face is what is going to keep you looking younger. He just recently came out with Recovery. It can replace much of the facial volume loss that occurs with aging by restoring critical nutrients to reactivate fat cells. It also helps to restore the probiotic population and provides essential fatty acid. He has already had customers that have had remarkable results. The bottle is 460 ML. Osmosis carefully wraps each bottle. It looks like a baby wrapped in a blanket. Very impressive. Log in for your immediate discount Viktoria De Ann Pepti Pad. I have used this since it first came out years ago. I can tell you for sure it works. Use it any place your fat pad is depleted. Under the eyes, on the cheeks, on the lips.. Any place your face looks hollow. I have very strong cheek fat and a tight face. It is because of this product. You want to use it twice per day. My customers that use this product know how important it is. It will not replace fat pad if you have had plastic surgery and had the fat removed. It will improve your natural fat areas. It smooths out the undereye area also. Your will see your VDA Savings in the shopping cart. Remember you must be in the Viktoria De Ann group to purchase. (Call or email) 866 568-8858  [email protected]