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Intense Whitening Serum  1 oz  Bio France Lab
Intense Whitening Serum 1 oz Bio France Lab
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Resurfacing Glycolic Facial Serum, Bio France Lab
Resurfacing Glycolic Facial Serum, New Skin! Exfoliated and Resurfaced, Deep Hydration, Brightened & Soft.
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Bright Rice Enzyme, Facial Exfoliating, Even Skin Tone, Bio France Lab
Bright Rice Enzyme Bio France Lab Anti-Aging RICE restores the luminosity and natural brighter skin tone, nude perfect skin complexion without imperfections as you have in childhood.
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Ultra-Lightening Bright Treatment Duo-Set, Bio France Lab
LIGHTENING-BRIGHT FACIAL CREAM, Bio France Lab will HELP lighten those dark spots without creating that unattractive lighter area around the old spots leaving the skin brighter, lighter more even toned.
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