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White Oak Herbal Shampoo 8fl oz

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White Oak Herbal Shampoo 8fl oz
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White Oak Herbal Shampoo
If used regularly, progressive results help encourage clean, manageable healthy hair and scalp, with the appearance of more body and thickness. Say goodbye to hair that appears dull, lifeless and dry.
Gentle enough for baby's scalp and hair.  Will not clog follicles, a common cause of hair loss.  Reportedly used by some chemotherapy patients minimizing hair loss.
Use regulary for silky, shiny hair and healthy scalp. Recommended for people with thinning hair, dry flaky scalp, dry hair, hair damaged by tinting or permanents, or anyone wanting naturally clean, lusterous hair and healthy scalp.  Also good for anyone that has a vitamin deficiency.
Let remain in the scalp for 2 to 3 minutes.

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