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Skin Re-Cell Facial Oil,  Bio France Lab
Sublime Facial Oil, Bio France Lab

Skin Re-Cell Facial Oil, Bio France Lab

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Skin Re-Cell Facial Oil is anti-aging, gives a beautiful lifting effect and fights free radicals.
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30 ml

Luxurious Sublime Facial Oil

Wonderful anti-aging pure oil that helps combat free radicals. Gives a beautiful lifting effect.

Infused with powerful natural botanicals and essential oils (including rose de mai, rosehip and squalane), the Skin Re-Cell Facial Oil is the perfect visible anti-aging formula!

  • SKIN RE-CELL Facial Oil is a high-powered carrier oil blend designed to deliver essential fatty acids, emollients, vitamins A, C, and E, and natural anti-oxidants to the skin. Ideal for dry, mature, or prematurely aged skin, it restores moisture after cleansing, steaming, or masking to help hydrate, nurture, and protect.

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