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Skin 2 Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery 50 mil
Anti-WrinkleNIght Recovery Cream

Skin 2 Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery 50 mil

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Skin 2 Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery 50 mil
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Anti-Aging Skincare Benefits: Skin 2 Skin® Plant Powered Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery / Renew Dry & Sensitive Skin skincare product is a multi-tasking revitalizing natural and organic anti-aging skincare product with HITS Technology™ a Hydrating Infusion Therapy System. It is packed with anti-oxidants and a regenerating anti-oxidant peptide that stops skin aging Oxidation before it starts. With a peptide and other plant actives that support collagen, restores skin’s elasticity firmness and superior skin hydration and volume reducing wrinkles and fine lines thus limiting the skin aging process and keeps you looking ageless.

Dry & Sensitive Skin Benefits:
 Anti-Wrinkle Night Recover is a multi-tasking natural skincare product that Renews Dry & Sensitive Skin. With a new Australian Super-Fruits Active “WildPlum Harvest™” Kakadu Plum, Illawarra Plum and Burdekin Plum improves skin hydration 60% in 30 minutes, 128% in 30 days and long term. Rose Hip Oil full of vitamins including C , antioxidants and essential fatty acids that repairs the skin’s surface, hydrate dry, itchy skin, reducing scars, fine lines and corrects dark spots. Then our Chief Formulator Ken Simpson added Gatuline® Drema Sensitive to get the red out, bring peace and serenity to hypersensitive and reactive skin, and inhibit pro-inflammatory epidermal inflammation and accelerated skin ageing.

Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery / Renew Dry & Sensitive Skin Powered By:
• Chronoline – Peptide: Works Like a Derma Fill, Prevents The Appearance of Wrinkles
• Euk-134 – Peptide: Super Anti-Oxidant, Self Regenerating, Sooths Sensitive Skin, Reduces Redness, Protects Skin From UV Damage, Reducing DNA Skin Damage Preventing Premature Skin Aging and Limits Photo-Aging (Dark Spots) 
• WildPlum Harvet™ - Plant Active: Improves hydration 60% 30 minutes, 128% after 30 days, Supports Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid
• Gatuline® Derma Sensitive – Plant Active: Calms Sensitive Skin, Reduce Redness, Inhibits Pro-Inflammatory and Accelerated Aging Of The Skin
• Rose Hip Oil – Essential for Dry & Sensitive and Prevents the Apperance of  Wrinkles
• Shea Butter 
• Hyaluronic Acid
• 20 Botanical Extracts 
• Vitamins A & E

Application as a Night Recovery Cream or Revive Dry & Sensitive Skin (Day & Night)
1. Always Cleans First: White Tea Face Wash 
2. Revitalizing Eye Gel
4. If used apply Un-Wrinkle Forehead & Crow’s-Feet and/or Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum 
3. Anti-Wrinkle Night Recovery for Dry & Sensitive Skin use Day & Night (twice a day)

Approximate 3 Month Supply

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