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Saian Active Rx Mask 2 0z.
Saian Active Rx Mask 2 0z.

Saian Active Rx Mask 2 0z.

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Saian Active Rx Mask. The perfect mask for blemish and oil control. Treats congested skin. 2 0z.
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Active Rx Mask

Anti-inflammatory potent mask for oil and blemish control. Active Rx is an intensive treatment for congested, oily, and problem skin. It removes excess oil, calms down irritation, cleanses pores and clears comedones, helps treat acne and prevent future breakouts. This mask is a perfect spot treatment and even treats folliculitis! It contains such potent acne-fighting agents as Bentonite, Zinc, Sulfur, Salicylic Acid and Camphor. Oxygen Plasma in this mask helps oxygenate the cells, increasing absorption of active ingredients. Paraben-free, cruelty-free, propylene-glycol-free, contains no artificial color, no artificial fragrance, and no fillers.

Oily/Acne Skin

Apply mask with fingertips directly to facial areas being treated.  Blend edges and wait 20 minutes before rinsing with tepid water. Avoid direct eye contact. This potent mask may also be retailed to patient for at home use as well as spot treatment on a daily basis.


Salicylic Acid: Occurs naturally in wintergreen leaves, sweet birch and other plants. Topically it is an anesthetic, a sunscreen and a fungicide with a mild peeling effect.

Bentonite Clay: This volcanic ash clay helps to lift and firm the skin. Exfoliates and eliminates toxins which cause skin conditions like acne, and blemishes, alleviates rashes and irritations. Using this bentonite-based clay mask can help to pull out oils and calm inflammation.

Sulfur: Encourages shedding of dead skin cells which blocks the pores causing blemishes and ingrown hair.

Oxygen Plasma: A completely natural and organic complex carbon molecule which mimics the blood's ability to carry oxygen and biologically active substances into cells. Used in skin care products, it transports huge volumes of oxygen to tissues, activating tissue-breathing processes, and allowing for more effective penetration of other active compounds. Skin care products containing Oxygen Plasma are hypoallergenic and feature bio-stimulating and regenerative actions, and speeds up skin’s healing process.

You may see results almost immediately.

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