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Saian Active Renewal Creme  1 oz.
Saian Active Renewal Cream

Saian Active Renewal Creme 1 oz.

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Active Renewal Creme

Active Renewal Crème contains Hyaluronic Acid and six of the most potent peptides currently available to address the affects of aging on the skin. 10% Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) improves wrinkle depth, wrinkle volume and roughness. Matrixyl-3000 minimizes crow’s feet and laugh lines, and prevents from further damage and wrinkle formation. Tests have shown wrinkles in the line prone areas will be reduced by up to 50% is used twice daily for a cycle of 28 days. Paraben-free, glycerin-free, propylene glycol-free, hypoallergenic and unscented anti-aging moisturizer based on Hyaluronic Acid and 6 active peptides.

Normal/ Dry Skin/Sensitive Skin

Apply to clean dry skin morning and evening. Best when combined with Saphir Active Renewal Serum.


Hyaluronic Acid: (plant source) In Europe, HA is used as a soft tissue filler, for lip augmentation, Acne scar revision, and treatment of lines and wrinkles. It is injected into the skin much like collagen with similar lasting results. The loss of skin elasticity that comes with aging, with the resulting lines and wrinkles, is often the result of decreasing HA levels. HA is the best topical hydrating agent and a potent anti-inflammatory. It stops itching and burning, is very soothing and, best of all, results in softer smoother skin. Can be used to hydrate the skin, prevent razor burn, and treat dry, itching irritated skin.

Argireline (Hexapeptide-3):  An anti-wrinkle inhibitor that will reduce pre-existing wrinkle depth and relax facial tension. Leuphasil compliments the action of Argireline by modulating muscle contraction, especially beneficial for reducing depth of wrinkles around the eye and forehead areas. These peptides can significantly modulate muscle contraction thereby destabilizing the cell so it cannot release the neurotransmitters that make the muscle contract thus preventing formation of lines and wrinkles 

Matrixyl3000: (Anti-Wrinkle peptide  with Palmitoyl Oligopeptide & Palmitoyl Terapeptide-7) contains two matrikiness, Pal-GHK and PAl-GQPR which act in synergy to produce an nnti-wrinkle and lifting effect and 45% less deep wrinkles after 2 months.

Squalane: An extract from olive oil that is very high in antioxidants and Omega-3 and Omega-6.  Absorbed deep into the skin with amazing quickness and leaves no oily film. It can clear up difficult skin problems (eczema, dermatitis, rashes, etc.) including skin cracks

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