Protein Creme 2 fl oz.
Protein Cream Fanie

Protein Creme 2 fl oz.

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Protein Creme 2 fl oz.
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Protein Creme
Bathe your skin in nourishing protein and vitamin-enriched emollients found in FANIÉ's PROTEIN CREME. Its unique formula babies your sensitive, fragile skin, to help it retain the radiance of youth — naturally.
Vitamin A,D and E with isolated soy proteins to provide special nutrients to  dry, sensitive skin or environmentally damaged skin, e.g. from  photo-radiation, chemical exposure, dietary deficiencies, sun damage etc.  etc.
May be used by men, women and children of all ages with stressed skin, abused skin, environmentally-damaged skin, or skin needing extra nutrition can benefit from the use of this product. Very soothing for dry or senstive skin.  May be used on baby's bottom after pre-cleansing with Fanie Sweet Birch Body and Bath Cleanser.

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