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Placenta Whitening Serum 1 oz. Monar
Placenta Whitening Serum Monar

Placenta Whitening Serum 1 oz. Monar

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Save in shopping cart and Rediscover your skin’s translucency and brightness with vegetable Placenta.

Placenta restrains melanogenesis and activates your skin by accelerating the growth of the new skin cells. Encourages the penetration of whitening agents deep down in the epidermis, clarifies the skin, evens out the complexion, and helps correct skin discolorations. Promotes elimination of melanin-charged epidermal cells, fights existing spots, and prevents new spots from developing by fighting oxidation, irritation and dehydration. The skin regains transparency and blemishes are visibly lightened and gradually fade away. Works effectively on skin imperfections, freckles, and dullness.

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