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Pepti Pad 30 ml  Viktoria de Ann
Pepti Pad 30 ml Viktoria de Ann

Pepti Pad 30 ml Viktoria de Ann

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Pepti Pad 30 ml Viktoria de Ann
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PEPTI-pad is a unique peptide designed by our expert chemists to assist in re-building the dermal cushion using a specially formulated combination of peptides and nutrients to help restore skin’s thickness and suppleness. After continued use, skin will appear to be plumper and more youthful.


Mature skin loses its ability to assist in rebuilding the dermal cushion, due to excessive free radical damage, slower cellular turnover rates, and the reduction of moisture retention. PEPTI-pad is formulated with Pad Pro Peptide, vitamins, and nutrients to help skin appear plumper, thicker, stronger, and more youthful.

Diminishing Sub-Dermal Pads
Skin Thinning
Loss of Structure

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