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Pepti Elastin  30ml  Viktoria De Ann
Pepti Elastin Viktoria De Ann

Pepti Elastin 30ml Viktoria De Ann

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                                     Pepti Elastin 

Aging Skin

At about 28 years of age, elastin production is at a maximum.  At 32 years of age elastin production regeneration has passed the apex of regeneration, and by 42 years the skin begins exhibiting the signs of aging, sagging, lines, crow's feet, creases, and associated wrinkles and folds appear.  By 65 years of age.  It is apparent gravity appears a dominant force.  The forehead is drooping over the eyes, jowls and expression lines appear, and other parts of the body are heading for terra firma.

Elastin is the counterpart of collagen (reference Pepti pro-col) and forms a network similar to spandex in the skin.  Collagen also is fibrous, while the combination with elastin permits elasticity in all directions.  Hydrated elastin also functions in combination with desmosomes (reference Pepti Lift) to tighten the skin, and since it hold 1000x water, it moisturizes and protects the skin from environmental assaults and UV damage.

Pepti Elastin

Greatly Improves Your Own Production of Elastin in Skin
Restores Skin Elastin to Youthful Levels
Improves Skin Tone
Improves Facial and Body Contour
Improves Hydration
Improves Surface Texture and Smoothness
Increases Skin's ability to Heal
Diminishes Stretch Marks

Pepti-Elastin should restore your skin to a younger, more vibrant, glowing appearance.  Upon the initial application, you can experience the results.  Wrinkles will diminish, age will face away, and you will see the younger, real you.

At night, gently apply a thin coat over the total face, wetting all surfaces of face and neck.  Leave on and wash off in the morning.  

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