It is fun to share with my customers beauty secrets that may use on themselves at home.  This treatment is for professionals.  I refined it for home care

step 1: Cleanse the Skin
If you are sensitive or dry, Use a pump of Immerse and a pump of Deep Clean.  Massage into the skin and rinse.

step 2: Apply Polish to the face and leave on for a few minutes. Then remove with a hot towel.

Step 3: Mix ½ pump Stem Factor with ½ pump Replenish, dime size amount of Hydralift . Massage onto skin for 5 minutes, spritzing Clear Plus if more hydration is needed. Place hot towel and let sit, without applying pressure to towel, until lukewarm in temperature. Remove with towel.

Step 6: Apply 1 pump Quench and massage into skin.

Step 7: Dab pea size amount of Refresh around delicate eye area.