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Oil Control Facial Cream Mask  Bio France  4 oz.
oil control facial cream mask bio france lab

Oil Control Facial Cream Mask Bio France 4 oz.

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Creamy moisturizing mask that naturally hydrates and calms the skin. Contains apricot kernel oil, panthenol, vitamin E and C. This botanical mask is infused with serum for oily and imperfection-prone skins.  Thanks to Zinc Gluconate and Camphor, this mineral care is irreplaceable as a botanical antibacterial agent to purify the skin, making easier the disappearance of imperfections such as blackheads.  It also leaves the skin soft.  The combination of the cream mask infused with the serum results in a matte healthy clarified treatment.

Oil Control Facial Cream Mask . 4oz The Zinc Gluconate regulates the activity of the oil glands and reduces inflammation. Aids in the process of fatty acids that heal the skin and lower the process of scarring. Different herbal extracts will have cleansing and calming properties. Rich in vitamins and minerals with anti-oxidant protection. PH balanced . The infused Zinc Gluconate and Camphor, assist in purifying the skin, the removal of imperfections leaving the skin soft and matte, free from excess sebum.

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