Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Set

  Beautiful Kit

You can spray your face first with one of the Mists  Boost or Infuse.  Also Capture Youth Water.  Then apply your favorite serum or oil.  They really work.  I am going to do a video hopefully in the next few days.

Rose Quartz Roller
The Rose Quartz Facial Roller reduces the appearance of puffiness through lymphatic drainage while increasing blood circulation and stimulating oxygenation deep in the layers of the skin. 

Rose Gua Sha
 This increases microcirculation, helping release toxins as it stimulates and amplifies the skin’s natural healing ability. .You can see a difference after 5 minutes as far as lifting.  

The Rose Quartz Roller 
works really well over my
 Cellulose Hydragel Mask  It is similar to natural skin.  The roller will roll right over it, pushing the wonderful ingredients into the skin.

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