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Misty Mineral Spray 8 fl oz.
Misty Mineral Spray 8 Fl Fanie

Misty Mineral Spray 8 fl oz.

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Misty Mineral Spray 8 fl oz.
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Misty Mineral Spray
Keeps the skin fresh and youthful looking by supplying it with the natural vitamins and minerals found in essential herbs.
A smoothing spritz of herbal water to the skin.MISTY's invigorating blend of over thirty vitamins and minerals quickly helps thirsty skin to nourish and revive.
A quick spray over make-up helps maintain that "freshly-made" look. Take it with you to the gym, spritz at bedtime over FANIÉ skin cremes to help the conditioning
action of the creme, and use as a quick "pick-me-up" throughout the day.
Great for menopausal women and hot flashes.  Instantly cools you.

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