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Silhouette Cream   Karin Herzog
Silhouettte Cream Karin Herzog

Silhouette Cream Karin Herzog

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For Cellulite and firming. Also helps to even skin tone with its 4% oxygen.
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Karin Herzog Silhouette Cream

SilhouetteIf you knew of 1 SINGLE CREAM, That is so synergistic with the human body, that when applied regularly would Uniquely benefit the entire body inside and out in the following positive ways....

1) Metabolize Carbohydrates to energy

2) Metabolize Fats to energy

3) Empowers protein to build and repair for optimum health.

4) Eliminate and eradicate trapped, potentially harmful toxins naturally without RE-TOXING, by using what the body naturally always uses to detox.

5) Slim stubborn fatty areas

6) Firm sagging skin

7) Improve overall health and vitality

8) Banish even long-term stubborn cellulite

9) Accelerate a natural and healthy tan

10) Maximise a healthy and even tan

11) Re-Shape and Re-Contour the body

12) Hydrate the skin

13) Increase elasticity in the skin

14) Increase collagen within the skin

15) Diminish stretch marks and scar tissue

16) Repair sun damage

17) Protect against excessive sun damage

18) Protect against DVT during prolonged travel

19) Treats bites, stings, cuts, grazes and other minor problems

20) Destroys common skin bacteria and pathogens......and more we are still discovering daily!!

...WOULDN'T THAT AMAZING BENEFICIAL MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY BE SOMETHING WORTH SHOUTING ABOUT? What other product can boast at least 20 major and important benefits!

Well I am delighted to tell you that there is one such unique cream, Based on pioneering medical research and ground breaking science, patented and proven and totally in a class of its own:

Dr Paul Herzog's SILHOUETTE cream delivers additional RAW OXYGEN, PURE WATER and ACTIVE VITAMINS with every application. It is our strongest Oxygen formulation for the body. Silhouette should be the first cream EVERYONE packs when going on holiday. A veritable chemists shop in one cream, Silhouette will be worth much more than its weight in gold on all holidays and will become the families best friend.

IMAGINE that while you lie on a beach, the same single cream is helping your body heal old sun damage, protect against new sun damage, accelerate a healthy tan by facilitating shorter exposure, without compromising the tan, maximize your tan by hydrating the skin, eradicate cellulite by blasting away trapped toxins, slim and re-shape the body by increasing the metabolism, increase circulation and so help minimize DVT, firm and tone the skin, AND due to its antiseptic properties, is beneficial in helping with bites, stings, blisters and other common skin problems you may encounter whilst on holiday/vacation.

Dr Herzog took a simple idea, which has NEVER been replicated ( the stabilization of Oxygen in a cream ) that simply works on complex level!

Apply our patented and detoxifying Oxygen Body 3% or Silhoette which is 4%, to the abdomen and chest area daily. Not only does this enhance results on the face but energy surges and a general feeling of being less sluggish and less bloated. In addition by detoxing the area and stimulating energy levels we have found real results in reshaping and re-contouring the body, trimming the waist line and firming the skin on the tummy too. Clothes feel looser, skin is softer the face is lifted and brighter and the clients feel better.... Herzog have testimonials from clients who say that when their digestive system is struggling and they feel bloated and blocked, the best thing to naturally move things along again in the most gentle way is Silhouette applied to the abdomen.

Kylie Minogue, Sharon Stone, and Uma Thurman are fans of Karin Herzog's Silhouette Cream.

Ingredients Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Glycerin, Stearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 20, Hydrogen Peroxide, Parfum.

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