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3% Body Cream  Karin Herzog
3% Body Cream, Karin Herzog

3% Body Cream Karin Herzog

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3% Body Cream Karin Herzog. 3% Active oxygen with hydraing and firming properties. Powerful antisepti/antimicrobial body treatment.
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Powerful antiseptic/antimicrobial body treatment with 3% active oxygen with hydrating and firming properties.

 Clinically proven to remove bacteria and germs from the skin*
 Helps treat breakouts, stretch marks, scars and sun damage
 Stimulates circulation, combats leg fatigue and diminishes water retention
 Deeply hydrates, nourishes and tones the skin
*The Karin Herzog Laboratory carried out extensive testing on the effects of active oxygen against germs. Results show that Oxygen Body 3% kills 100% of germs on the skin and slows down the growth of germs for up to 60 minutes. (Tests carried out by an independent third party testing laboratory, NATURA CHIMICA SA, March 9th 2020)

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