3% Body Cream  Karin Herzog
3% Body Cream, Karin Herzog

3% Body Cream Karin Herzog

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3% Body Cream Karin Herzog
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3% Body Cream Does The Following:

* Detoxes the Skin by killing the bacteria that causes breakouts
* Hydrates.  Adds purified water to the skin
* Increases circulation  The oxygen helps with circulation
* Heals  Speeds up the healing process and helps minimize scarring
* Protects  against fungus and viral infection
* Tones  The oxygen and water will tone the skin and make it appear more plump

3% Oxygen Body Cream

Karin's Insider Beauty Tip

Due to the antiseptic properties of oxygen, the product can be used as a hand sanitizer.  For best results, apply with a brush in order to avoid absorption of active ingredients through the fingertips.

3% oxygen leaves skin very hydrated but not oily. Great for the whole body, back acne, small bumps on the arms. Healing of pressure wounds. The oxygen kills the bacteria and allows for healing. For the hands, use it in the morning and your hands are moist all day. Heal any nicks, chap skin, rough skin. It may be used post surgery for healing. It is a must. Calms bites, burns, incisions, sunburn, cuts, bruises,eczema, just add a small amount of 3% Cream.
Pure oxygen and fragrance free, this is a body cream with boundless uses. This amazing oxygen and vitamin rich body cream is probably the best detox cream on the market. It's self massaging effect creates a micro-massage of the tissues, as the oxygen is pushed into the skin stimulating the circulation and hydrating and softening beyond belief! Essential as an age-management program for the body, with added benefits to refine and heal the skin, particularly if you are treating sun damaged skin or you want to avoid possible long term damage due to burning etc.

 Its also an efficient detoxifying cream and a skin disinfectant. At a time when pollution and infection are on the increase, its good to know there is a natural and safe product that helps your skin AND keeps bacteria and infections at bay.

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