3% Body Cream  Karin Herzog
3% Body Cream, Karin Herzog

3% Body Cream Karin Herzog

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3% Body Cream Karin Herzog
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3% Body Cream Does The Following:

* Detoxes the Skin by killing the bacteria that causes breakouts
* Hydrates.  Adds purified water to the skin
* Increases circulation  The oxygen helps with circulation
* Heals  Speeds up the healing process and helps minimize scarring
* Protects  against fungus and viral infection
* Tones  The oxygen and water will tone the skin and make it appear more plump

3% Oxygen Body Cream

is a miracle cream. 3% oxygen leaves skin very hydrated but not oily. Great for the whole body, back acne, small bumps on the arms. Healing of pressure wounds. The oxygen kills the bacteria and allows for healing. For the hands, use it in the morning and your hands are moist all day. Heal any nicks, chap skin, rough skin. It may be used post surgery for healing. It is a must. Calms bites, burns, incisions, sunburn, cuts, bruises,eczema, just add a small amount of 3% Cream.
Pure oxygen and fragrance free, this is a body cream with boundless uses. This amazing oxygen and vitamin rich body cream is probably the best detox cream on the market. It's self massaging effect creates a micro-massage of the tissues, as the oxygen is pushed into the skin stimulating the circulation and hydrating and softening beyond belief! Essential as an age-management program for the body, with added benefits to refine and heal the skin, particularly if you are treating sun damaged skin or you want to avoid possible long term damage due to burning etc.

Silhouette and Oxygen Body 3% are therefore very efficient detoxifying creams that can be classed as safe and effective skin disinfectant. In an era when pollution and infection are rising it is good to know there is a natural and safe product that looks after the well-being of the user and helps keep bacteria and infection at bay.

Apply our patented and detoxifying Oxygen Body 3% or Silhouette which is 4%, to the abdomen and chest area daily. Not only does this enhance results on the face but energy surges and a general feeling of being less sluggish and less bloated. In addition by detoxing the area and stimulating energy levels we have found results in reshaping and re-contouring the body, trimming the waist line and firming the skin on the tummy too. Clothes feel looser, skin is softer the face is lifted and brighter and the clients feel better.....

Herzog have testimonials from clients who say that when their digestive system is struggling and they feel bloated and blocked, the best thing to naturally move things along again in the most gentle way is Silhouette applied to the abdomen.

Pure oxygen and fragrance free, our Oxygen Body 3% is a body cream with boundless uses, including helping athletes build and repair muscles.

Its self massaging effect creates a micro-massage of the tissues, as the oxygen is pushed into the skin stimulating the circulation, hydrating and softening.

Oxygen Body 3% helps athletes as it builds muscle during training for endurance and tone, neutralizes lactic acid and is invaluable for sores blisters and aches and pains whilst training and when running. And we know what were talking about, having had the product certified and passed by the International Olympic Committee.

The cream is also used by doctors to speed up the healing process; and can be used as a general and natural mild antiseptic cream. It combats the feeling of heavy legs and promotes healthy skin all over the body.

Its also an efficient detoxifying cream and a skin disinfectant. At a time when pollution and infection are on the increase, its good to know theres a natural and safe product that helps your skin AND keeps bacteria and infections at bay.

Oxygen Body 3% applied regularly to the lymph nodes on the body can help to cleanse and stimulate and so enhance this vital system, used by the body to manage and eliminate toxins.

IngredientsAqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Glycerin, Stearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 20, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sesamum Indicum, Chamomilla Recuita.

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