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Injection-Like Facial Ampoule  15 mil  Bio France Lab
Injection-Like Facial Ampoule, Bio France Lab

Injection-Like Facial Ampoule 15 mil Bio France Lab

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facial ampoule serum pro dispenser. 15 ml (40 to 45 applications) Our laboratory offers a cosmetic alternative to surgery that contracts and limits the appearance of fine lines. The serum is enriched with 100% botanical active issued from Mafane. Clinically proven tests have reported the efficacy of this extract which counteracts skin micro-contractions in order to reduce wrinkles and expression lines for a youthful glowing visibly younger skin. For improved efficacy and quicker results, we combined the extract with L-ergothioneine which boosts cell metabolism and prevents premature aging . Imagine Turning Back The Clock this is extremely effective on the face, neck and hands. remarkably formulated with non-toxic ingredient is claimed to reduce fine lines, leaving your skin looking more youthful and you feeling younger! The effects are similar to those of Botulinum toxin injections? but of course with none of the side effects that Botulinum toxin injections are associated with AND. without the injections, this is a topical set with very good and fast result.

When today’s consumers decide to go to work on their appearance, they are seeking rapid and radical results. They are willing to go to more and more extremes in order to attain the appearance they desire and they do not want to wait for the results.

Although cosmetic surgery is gaining ground, many consumers remain reserved and still think twice before going so far. One of the reasons they do so is the appearance of less invasive techniques such as Botox and hyaluronic acid injections that have gained great popularity over the last few years. However, the majority of people are still concerned by the fact that such treatments involve subcutaneous injections and cannot be rapidly undone if the results are not right. Drooping eyelids, a ?frozen? facial expression, other possible, although rare side effects, can take some time to wear off.

Cosmetic products and treatments can offer a safe alternative to such techniques. Yet the consumer wants visible and fast results ? not after three months of twice daily application of a cream but after a week or even a day of treatment. This was the aim of Gattefoss© in its research for a new anti-aging active: something safe, quick-acting and efficient with visible results.

This has been achieved by bringing to cosmetics the powerful anti-ageing properties of Acmella oleracea, a plant that grows in the tropical region of the Indian Ocean.

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