Marionette Lines     

As you age, you will see Marionette Lines (On the sides of your mouth. The lines go down.  Nasolabial lines are between the nose and mouth.   As we start losing gravity in our face, things start to droop. 

I know for me personally I could really notice the lines on the side of my mouth starting to droop.  It makes you look unhappy or frowning.   You want to be sure to use your products in this area. Really massage your products in to these areas.  My lines have improved so much.  I no longer look sad.   It is something you need to stay on all the time.  

It takes time to see a difference in the skin.  Especially when you need a big change.  Just one bottle is not going to do it.  Some people buy one and then they move on to something else.  They are not giving the products time to work.   Peptides take 30 days to start doing their magic.

Some of the products I highly suggest for change.

Capture Youth Water  Lifts tones and plumps the face
VDA Pepti Lift Lifts the face
VDA Pepti Elastin  Beneficial for jowls, sagging neck and nasolabial lines
VDA Pepti Pad.  Helps restore the fat pad areas in the face that are starting to fall.
Saian Amino Lift Mask Helps lift the face.
VDA Pepti Pro-Col will help stop the breaking down of collagen.
VDA Eye Serum.  Yes, put this in that area. The peptides are very strong. 
LeMieux Collagen Peptide Serum helps lift and tone the face and soften wrinkles
Skin 2 Skin Unwrinkle Forehead and Crowsfeet Cream.  You may put it on this area also.
Skin 2 Skin Anti-Sagging Renewal Serum.   Addresses sagging on face, neck and chest.

Hyaluronic Acid helps plump the skin

Fanie 3 Piece Masque Set  If you do this once a week, everything will be lifted. You can use it daily on specific spots for faster results.  Very intense masque