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Express Effect  Karin Herzog
Express Effect Karin Herzog

Express Effect Karin Herzog

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Express Effect Karin Herzog
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Karin Herzog's latest innovation
is an ultra smooth cream which takes away tiredness and immediately gives a pure and glowing appearance to the skin.
Rapidly smooth skin:
The unique composition of the emulsion uses floral rose and orange water with organic-quality essential oils – Mentha Piperita and Lemon Citrus. The feeling of freshness and relaxation from this synergy visibly smooths the skin.
De-stressed skin:
Arnica Montana acts against stress which marks the skin, while sodium bicarbonate gives the epidermis a purified appearance.
Relaxed skin:
The benefits of incense, in its organic form, immediately adapt to your skin, comforting it and giving a feeling of well-being.
A beautifully glowing skin:
The synergy of our ingredients evens out the complexion, the Kaolin has a matifying effect while the hyaluronic acid plumps the skin magnificently.


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