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Even-Out Pigment Blaster Pigment Corrector, Martinni
Even-Out Pigment Blaster, pigment corrector, Martinni

Even-Out Pigment Blaster Pigment Corrector, Martinni

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Evem out pigment blaster pigment corrector by Martinni Brauty removes dead skin cells and the skin clear and hydated and smoothe
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EVEN-OUT Textural and Pigmented Irregularities for Velvety Soft Skin & a Transparent Glow.

Plant extracts help to remove dead skin cells for a lighter and clarified appearance. Multi-active skin lightening agents help correct unwanted brown spots, melasma, sun damage, skin darkening, and discoloration as Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter soften and eliminate rough patches. Safe for face & body: knee, elbow, intimate nipple, inner thigh & underarm.

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