Disrupter Harmonized Water is the latest water released by Osmosis Skin Care.  It is a very unique product, compared to their other Harmonized Water.   It is not taken daily, but only as needed for toxins, virus, etc.  It is one large bottle, 460 mil, that you need to drink.  During the year long testing that Dr Ben Johnson did on this water, they had some excellent results and saw some remarkable changes in the issues people were having.   It is in no way meant to be a medical product or take the place of medication prescribed by your doctor.

It is a harmonized frequency water meant to work with your body to bring it into balance.  It is the perfect product to keep on hand in the event of a forthcoming cold or fu.  You may even feel a little ill, or headache the first time taking it as it is addressing the toxins in your body.   So exciting to have this available now.   Please see the recommended doses below.  If you weigh over 100 lbs, you want to take 2 bottles.

Drink dose within 2 hours. 

Dosage guidelines:
  • Up to 100 lbs. - 1 dose is equal to 1 bottle
  • 101-200 lbs. - 1 dose is equal to 2 bottles
  • 201-300 lbs. - 1 dose is equal to 3 bottles