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Digestive Health H2o 100 mil  20mil
Digestive Health Water Osmosis Skin Care

Digestive Health H2o 100 mil 20mil

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Osmosis Digestive Health for chronic skin conditions,
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Digestive Health (Internal):   Energized H2o

This incredible formula balances disharmonies in the digestive tract to improve discomfort and regularity. Individuals with chronic skin conditions have also found that by harmonizing their digestive tract, their skin improves. This is another water that I think should be taken by everyone because our diets create digestive disharmonies everyday.

Note: Individuals with chronic skin conditions and a history of H. Pylori should start with both Anti-Pathogen and Digestive Health. People suffering from reflux should add Neutralize to Digestive Health. People with IBS may find that Digestive Health has mild side effects in the first week of use. Please try to stick with it as they will resolve quickly.

Disclaimer: This is not a replacement for medical treatments and we are not claiming any medical benefits from H2o.

We are not intending to make medical claims.  All benefits from the consumption of H2o are from the body healing itself, H2o Water simply balances the disharmonic vibrations associated with the symptoms described."

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