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Pro-Oxygen Serum Infuser, Bio France Lab
The Pro-Oxygen serum Infuser by Bio France dispenses an atomized extra fine line-filling mist that is readily absorbed by the skin for instant results.
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 6 in 1 Pro-Handheld Advanced RF w/ Red & Blue LED Therapy Machine, Bio France Lab
The Bio France Lab handheld RF (1 Mhz) with Red (625 nm) and Blue LED (465 nm) Therapy Machine targets every aspect of aging with four modes of treatment:
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Premium French Cleansing Towel Mittens, Bio France Lab
Bio France Lab Premium French Cleansing towel Mittens. They are great for cleansing and more. They remove dead cells and dirt from your face while you are cleaning it.
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Nano Spray With Floral Water Trio, Bio France Lab
Nano Spray With Floral Water Trio, Bio France Lab is a Vaporizer with Nano technology is more than just a facial moisturizer. This device can also be used as a humidifier. FLORAL WATER TRIO set includes the Nano Spray device and Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Rose Floral water.
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