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Contour Restyling Cream  4 fl oz
Contour Restyling Cream Fanie International

Contour Restyling Cream 4 fl oz

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Contour Restyling Cream 4 fl oz
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Contour Restyling Body Creme
Used as part of your regular diet and exercise program, CONTOUR RESTYLING CREME conditions, tightens, texturizes and tones skin to help it regain and maintain natural firmness and elasticity. This original non-fluid-loss body wrap creme, developed by Dr. Clyde Johnson, FANIÉ CONTOUR has been featured on  "AM Los Angeles", "Skin Deep" and countless other radio and TV spots around the world. It is also used regularly by contestants of the Jr. Miss, Miss, and Mrs. USA pageants. Like all the wonderful FANIÉ products, CONTOUR offers "no promises, just results". 4 fl. oz.

Try applying creme.  Wrap the area with Saran or plastic wrap.  Leave on for 10 or 15 minutes.  Do some housework or exercise.  Remove and rinse or rub in. 

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