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Collagen Elastin CAVIAR Infused Facial treatment Set
Collagen Elastin Caviar Infused Facial Treatment Kit

Collagen Elastin CAVIAR Infused Facial treatment Set

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You can't turn back time, but you can help your skin look more youthful and refreshed with this 5 steps collagen-based beauty treatments. Collagen, a protein found extensively throughout our bodies, is key to maintaining soft, supple skin. Isn't it time to make an investment in the future of your skin? Increases elasticity and helps diminish the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.
Deeply penetrates to richly lubricate and revitalize dry skin. Smooths and heals sensitive and badly chapped skin. Delivers rich moisturizers, soluble collagen, natural extracts and nutrients to your skin to maintain suppleness and softness.
Rich, emollient Collagen cream helps plump and firm skin. Smooths, soothes and helps improve moisture retention while powerful antioxidants protect against future damage from environmental elements.

Product Description

Anti-Aging Collagen Elastin Facial Cleansing Gel (4 oz) Ultimate in hydration and moisture. Still a pH balanced, vegetable derived, cleanser but, now with mega moisture for soft hydrated skin. Hydrate very deeply through the skin layer. With organics ingredients our face cleanser is formulated to cleanse the skin gently, and effectively, while also protecting the skin’s pH mantle and natural oils. With only vegetable derived surfactants, thickeners, and natural preservatives, your skin is left soft, supple, hydrated and most importantly, nourished.

Orange Facial Scrub (2 oz) Our Orange  Facial Polish deep cleans and gently exfoliates the outer layers of the skin Treating Face with natural botanical products brighten the complexion. These facial scrubs especially designed for the face are rich in ultra-fine plants particles allowing active ingredients to penetrate.

Anti-Aging Collagen Elastin Face Toner/Lotion 4 OZ  ROSE Essential Facial Toner mist 4 oz Tighten .tone and moisturize your skin naturally with this natural rose water. known for its mild toning properties and simply beautiful aroma. This 99.9 % natural toner leaves your face feeling refreshed. A balancing toner that help restore the cells while leaving the skin rehydrated

2 Collagen Elastin Ampoule Serum (Airless) with Pro Dispenser  Marine Elastin combined with rich quality Vegetal Collagen immediately smoothes the skin.  The presence of the pure Marine Elastin ensures elasticity in underlying skin layers and results in a more lasting effect.   The Collagen helps the skin keep its ideal structure by binding water in the epidermis and swelling, thus not allowing mimic wrinkles to appear.

Caviar Moisturizer 1.7 oz
Caviar being marine, has all the benefits of the sea minerals. It is rich in amino acids that absorb directly into the skin, thus accelerating the process of collagen and slowing down the aging process. Caviar is rich in fatty acids that add a layer of shine giving the skin a natural glow.

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