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Capture Youth Water 16 oz  /474 ml
Capture Youth Water 16 oz /474ml

Capture Youth Water 16 oz /474 ml

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Capture Youth Water 16 oz /474 ml
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Perfect Starter   16 oz.  It comes with a pump so you may use it generously.  Use it all over the face and even the body.  Apply it everywhere after your shower.

The wonderful thing about our Capture Youth Water is that you see the difference, almost in an instant. Just a few drops vigorously rubbed into your skin and you will immediately feel and see the difference. A twice daily application of Capture Youth Water on your face, neck and hands will reveal your natural, beautiful skin. Watch as natural nourishment reverses years of abuse, aging and sun damage  

All natural spring water that gives the appearance of
firms eye lids
calms acne

It is important to use this product generously. 7 Sprays to the face, 7 to the neck and chest and hands.

For best results, rub it into the skin Vigorously .  Use the blow dryer for heat.  You will feel the skin tightening. then repeat. Really get around the eye area, neck and chest area.  Don't forget those hands.

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