I was just realizing how firm and plump my cheeks are.   I was using a device on my face and I saw how pronounced my cheekbones are.  Which product do I feel helped with that? Viktoria De Ann Pepti Pad.  It helps to repair the natural fat pads in the face that you loose through aging.  

I have used Pepti Pad over 5 years.  It is not a product that you will see overnight results, but in time, it does the work.  I use it on wrinkles, under the eyes, on the lips, the cheeks or anyplace you feel your natural fat pads  are decreasing.  My face is tight and that is because it is plump.  

I also can see a big difference in my face when I use the 
Capture Youth Water a second time at night.  I use it and massage it into my skin.  I then apply my serums. Then I go back and massage the products into my skin with the Capture Youth Water.  I can honestly feel my face tightening.  
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