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Dasha Saians Fabulous Recipe

.If you want a fast and easy healthy dish to eat, This is perfect from my dear friend Dasha,  ( Yes of Saian Skin Care)  only 5 ingredients
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Is It Pigmentation or Pre-Cancer

Is it pigmentation or Pre-Cancer.   Only your doctor can tell you that.   If you have some pigmentation spots you have been treating and they do not seem to be improving, you may want to have your Dermatologist take a look.
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Beauty Tips From Mina Kim of Dr. J Skin Care

Mina Kim is the CSO of Dr. J Skin Care.   She honestly has the most beautiful skin you have ever seen.  Very clear, even toned and luminous.  She shared with me that years ago she had pigmentation.  Using the Dr. J Products have completely transformed her skin. Mina is a very elegant woman.
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What is the difference between Osmosis Clear and Osmosis Clear Plus

Osmosis just came out with their new product Clear Plus. They already have Clear on the market. I am sure some of you are wondering which one to choose from.

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