Amazing Testimonial For Capture Youth Water.

I sell this as an anti-aging product only.  Even though the healing properties are amazing,
I do not talk or advertise this.   I have seen so many miracles with Capture Youth Water.
This was sent by one of my customers that uses Capture Youth Water on her face.


Her Doberman Dog Najee. 90 lbs, was injured and had a large wound.  They did everything.  
They took Najee to the Vet and had stitches put in.   Najee was able to open the 36 Stitches
 and 12 Staples. exposing the wound.  Najee's owners were desperate and as a last resort 
used the Capture Youth Water on the wound.

  I have enclosed graphic pictures to show the healing done when they used 
Capture Youth Water.


This is the open wound before Capture Youth Water.

This is after only 2.5 Days with Capture Youth Water. 

The family is very thankful and peaceful now.  It was quite 
an adventure for them.

This is not sold as a medical product or healing.  Only information. 
 It is sold has a product for toning, calming and firming.