Ageless Vitality (Digestive Health/ Inner Harmony)  125 mil
Ageless Vitality Elixir Osmosis Wellness

Ageless Vitality (Digestive Health/ Inner Harmony) 125 mil

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Osmosis Ageless Vitality for chronic skin conditions, digestive, inner being, restoring, organs, joints,
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Look and feel rejuvenated every day with a vitality-boosting elixir designed to help neutralize environmental pollutants and feed cellular repair while restoring balance to digestion, organs, and joints.  This will be used instead of Inner Harmony and Digestive Water

Aging, Dry, All.


  • Restores vibrant skin, supports joint health, neutralizes allergens, and reinvigorates youth-promoting hormones*
  • Promotes digestive balance and systemic rejuvenation and neutralizes environmental toxins

How to Use

Take 5 pumps AM & PM. For weight above 175 lbs. take 7 pumps.

We are not intending to make medical claims.  All benefits from the consumption of H2o are from the body healing itself, H2o Water simply balances the disharmonic vibrations associated with the symptoms described."

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