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Acne Control Serum  30 mil Monar
Acne Control Serum Monar

Acne Control Serum 30 mil Monar

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Savings shows in shopping cart. Targets all points of blemish development. Eliminates, clears and prevents breakouts. It speeds healing by exfoliating pore-plugging debris, curbing bacteria, and absorbing excess oils.  It also helps to reduce hormonal influence upon the skin and soothes inflammation.

  • Aloe soothes acne irritations, Vitamin B3 repairs and hydrates acne lesions, Papaya exfoliates and prevents new acne from forming , Chinese Ku Shen Extract lightens discolorations caused by acne, and Chinese Huang Qin Extract calms inflammation.
  • Promotes a clearer, balanced complexion.

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