One of the first things I am asked when people meet me is "why I do not have any wrinkles."  Of course I say Peptides.  Many people have not heard of them and are fascinated.

There are several peptide based skin care lines I love that have very effective peptide ingredients.  In the case of Viktoria De Ann, they are peptide messengers and help your body produce its own peptides, by reacting with your amino acids.

Peptides work similar to Botox without the toxins.   The relax the muscles and smooth your lines.  In time, the lines almost seem to disappear.  You must keep using Peptides or the lines will come back.

I feel if you use peptides first before your other products daily, your skin can look wonderful. Apply them to the face, neck and even the eye area. My favorites are The Vikoria De Ann serums,  Saian , and Skin 2 Skin Care, which are all high quality peptides.  Healthy ingredients also. Rena Levi has some excellent peptides also in some of her products. For me personally, I spray my face with Ageless Secret Gold every AM and PM before applying other products.  This really helps soften those fine lines and wrinkles.

It takes peptides 28 days to work.  The results continue to improve as time goes on.