White Oak Facial Cleanser 8 fl oz

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White Oak Facial Cleanser 8 fl oz
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White Oak Cleanser
The first step to the appearance of radiant healthy skin begins with cleansing. The appearance soft and supple, fresh and vibrant skin of the face and neck can be yours. Containing no soap or other caustics to that may leave skin damaging residue on suffice skin cleansing deep to flush out imbedded impurities. Soap based cleansers in time can compound if not totally rinsed off after use. Cleansing deep to flush out imbedded impurities. Skin really does feel clean

Fragrance free anti bacterial, deep pore cleansing and natural astringent found in the white oak amid bark. No perfumes.
Who Should use it?
People of all ages and skin types, oily, normal or dry.
How to use
Pour a small amount into palm of your hand, gently massage over the intire face and neck area with upward and outward strokes.  Add warm water with your fingers.  Allow to remain on for 2 minutes and then rinse.   Men find it excellent for a shave solution.  No razor burns.

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