I love this title and yet it is so true.  I am writing from personal experience.  I am in love with peptides.  I feel they are the biggest asset to the skin care market.  I carry 2 lines that I feel are more advanced than others.

One of the lines if Viktoria De Ann, which is a peptide messenger.  It helps to encourage your own body to build it own peptides by reacting to the amino acids in your body.  The results with this product line is beyond belief

Skin 2 Skin Care is another line I love. They contain the highest level of peptides in their products.  More so than most other skin care lines. They are all natural, vegan, and gluten free. They make Unwrinkle Forehead and Crows feet Cream.  There is nothing like it.  Keep using it and those wrinkles will slowly disappear.

Last night I met 2 of my girlfriends for a massage at a place we like.  I put on my Viktoria De Ann Lift and Tone and Eye Serum plus a little BB Cream from Etienne Raff Paris.  That is it.  After our massage, we went around the corner to eat at my favorite restaurant.

Both of my friends wanted to know why I did not have any wrinkles on my face.  I told them it was the peptides I was using.  They were looking at my forehead and eyes and said I was so smooth that I must be getting Botox or fillers.  I promised them I was not.   Then they got angry with me and felt I was lying to them.  I tried to take it as a compliment.

Now both are going to start on a peptide routine.  I told them I felt 100% they would see results.    Remember, it takes 28 days for peptides to work.