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Vitamin C Powder Blend  Osmosis 20 mil
Vitamin C Powder Blend Osmosis 20 mil

Vitamin C Powder Blend Osmosis 20 mil

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Vitamin C Powder Blend Osmosis 20 mil
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Vitamin C 15 gram in a 25 mil bottle. Twice as much. 60 day supply.
The perfect Vitamin C solution! First, only chirally corrected L-ascorbic acid is used. Second, since C has been proven to have a 2% absorption rate, we coated it in our liposome which increases penetration 1000%. Third, we now deliver it in a .25g scoop (provided) powder of 10% pure L-Ascorbic Acid and the necessary therapeutic dose of L-glutathione and D-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E) so that the fresh application (when mixed with our serums) never oxidizes! The end result is a maximum strength, non-oxidized, penetrating Vitamin C that does not irritate the skin for those same reasons.

L-ascorbic Acid powder (no oxidation!)

D-alpha Tocopherol (chirally correct Vit E)


New format allows you to scoop 15% out of precise measuring spoon (provided). Great mixed with Replenish!
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