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Vita A Kombi 3 Spot Zapper  0.6 oz.   Karin Herzog
Vita A Kombi 3 Spot Zapper 0.6 oz

Vita A Kombi 3 Spot Zapper 0.6 oz. Karin Herzog

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Vita A Kombi 3 Spot Zapper 0.6 oz. Karin Herzog
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VAK 3 now comes in a tube.  It is much more user friendly.

 EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE Vak 3 Spot Zapper in their bathroom cabinet or purse at all times for All and every emergency.

Contains 3% Oxygen

Vita-A-Kombi 3 or as we call it SPOT ZAPPER is ideally used to target specific skin problems, spots, and blemishes or areas of sun damage or hyper-pigmentation.  There is a simple and extremely effective and natural way to banish spots, cold sores, blisters, pigmentation etc.  Used by doctors and dermatologists all over the world to speed up the healing process, the internationally patented Vita A Kombi products work like no other to give unprecedented and exceptional results.

Using Vita-A-Kombi 3 directly on the area to be treated allows the drawing effect of the oxygen to work like a vacuum to literally help lessen the spot.. Keep it in your purse for easy access.

This Multi-functional product will achieve more than you imagined and is such a reliable and trusted companion for the gym, or anywhere.. Use it where ever and when ever you need to heal and repair an unwanted blemish quickly! This potent formula will draw the bacteria out of the skin, literally like a mini vacuum. .

Remarkable Vita-A-Kombi can be easily termed life for the skin, providing in each application the necessary energy in the form of Oxygen and the essential raw materials to create new healthy balanced skin at an accelerated rate. Regular use will undoubtedly promote optimum skin quality.Our new small size is great for travel and for those of you that just need a small amount. You only need to spot treat your acne or pigmentation.

If you have dry skin, then massage the Karin Herzog Vita A Kombi Facial Oil into the skin first. It will improve the moisture in your skin.

Ingredients Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Glycerin, Stearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 20, Hydrogen Peroxide, Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinol.

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