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Vita A Kombi 1 Karin Herzog

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Our cornerstone product. Use it on top of all your products for great results.
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                                                                                      Hydrate and Kill Bacteria

Vita A Kombi 1 is a combination of Vitamin A and E and 1% Oxygen. This is a moisturizer treatment, anti-wrinkle cream. It hydrates the skin, helps boost collagen production. It kills the P acne bacteria that causes acne.Contains 1% Oxygen For first time users, normal, fine and sensitive skin types. Used by doctors and dermatologists all over the world to speed up the healing process, the internationally patented Vita-A Kombi range, work like no other to give unprecedented and exceptional results. Vita-A-Kombi can be easily termed ‘life’ for the skin, providing in each application the necessary energy in the form of Oxygen and the essential raw materials to create new healthy balanced skin at an accelerated rate. Regular use will optimize skin tone and appearance.

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