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Viktoria DeAnn Rejuvenator Mild 30 mil
Viktoria De Ann Rejuvenator

Viktoria DeAnn Rejuvenator Mild 30 mil

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Viktoria DeAnn Rejuvenator Mild 30 mil
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Mild Rejuvenator

Rejuvenator series is fortified with a powerful restorative RNF-1 peptide; providing professionals with an exceptional product amplifying the client’s or patients visible results. Our RNF-1 peptide is scientifically designed to initiate cellular responses of repair and regeneration, targeting growth layers of the skin. Rejuvenator is formulated in three strengths to accommodate various levels of skin health. When beginning the Rejuvenator treatment one should always start with the Mild strength due to the highly active RNF-1 peptide and move up only when directed by your skin care professional.

Perfect for healing acne, sundamage, scarring, pigmentation .  For the strongest results, you may alternate the Ultra with the Mild.  The Ultra may sting at first until the skin adjusts.  Using the Mild first is more calming to the skin.

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