Viktoria De Ann Pepti Correct HP 30mil

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Viktoria De Ann Pepti Correct HP 30mil
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Viktoria De Ann Pepti-Lift HP

Targeting hyper-pigmentation at its core, PEPTI-correct Hp can address pigmentation caused by sun damage, photo-aging, melasma, or post acne. The active and key ingredients of Oligopeptide-Hp combined with unique chelators and anti-oxidants provide a powerful tool to reduce the appearance of skin discolorations without using harsh surface bleaching agents that cause skin inflammation. After approximately 6 weeks of use, the appearance of skin discolorations and dark spots begin to diminish beginning at its core and progressing to the edges with continual fading over time.

Sun Damage
Lost Elasticity
Uneven skin tone
Post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation
Facial melanoses
Postacne pigmentation

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