Viktoria De Ann to me is the best peptide product on the market.. It works like no other product line does.  They have recently come out with products, that round out the whole skin care routine and fill the needs of the skin.

I was speaking to one of the heads of Viktoria De Ann.  We were discussing the problems that so many women have.  Those deep wrinkles that nothing helps.  It is a real challenge.   It is not easy, but if you stay with it, you may see improvements. 

The basics that need to be used daily are the Pepti Lift, ( for lifting the skin. Pepti Tone,  for toning and firming the skin) and Eye Serum. (for wrinkles, crows feet and saggy lids. Be sure to watch  my video on each.  These products are key and used daily they are magic.

Now another really important new product is the Pepti Elastin.  It helps with the lower part of the face.  More lifting and help for that jowl area.  I also noticed it helps with the sides of the mouth that are sagging. You want to use the Pepti Elastin with Pepti Lift for a better result.  It will work even better with the Pepti Tone also.

Pepti Hyaluronic.  This helps your body create its own Hyaluronic Acid.  It does not contain hyaluronic acid itself. It works from within. This is going to help even more women or men that have wrinkles, sagging or the deep wrinkles.  You need to use this twice per day.  I have a few places on my face that need special attention and I use this there. 

Next is Pepti Pad.  This helps feel in the natural fat pad areas on your face that have lost elasticity due to aging.  Pepti Pad will improve the fat pad and make the face look more even and not as hollow. Beneficial under the eye area and around the mouth area.

Apply these products, let them penetrate and then you may apply your other products on top of this. The Rejuvenators are excellent also.  They can make a real difference. They come in Mild, Regular or Ultra. They are healing,help even the skin tone, help with acne, wrinkles and sagging and most skin issues.  You want to start with the lower and move up as your skin is acclimated to them.

The longer you use these products, the better you look.  They work with your own Amino Acids.  They help you build your own Peptides.  That is why the results are so amazing.  You have tried the topical products, that lay on top of the skin.  Now use something that works.