Viktoria De Ann Skin Care line are some of the best products I have ever used. I highly recommend them. They may be used on all skin types.

As far as anti-aging, the Pepti Lift,Pepti Tone and Eye Serum are the perfect products to start with.  You can see a change almost from the start.  They lift and tone the face, neck and help reduce wrinkles.   The Eye Serum is just plain amazing.   The lines disappear.   The longer you use the products, the better your skin looks.  There is honestly no need for Botox.   The results you receive from the Viktoria De Ann Eye Serum are natural and extremely effective.

The Pepti Pro-Cal is added Collagen, and 5% Lactic and Collagen is perfect for everyone including acneic skin.

Acneic skin does well with Viktoria De Ann Acne Serum and the Repair.   Also start off with the Mild Rejuvenator.   In time you will see an improvement in scarring.   These 3 products can make a big difference in your skin.

You will notice faster results from the Eye Serum, Pepti Lift and Pepti Tone.  The other Viktoria De Ann products take a little more time to see results since they are also helping promote healing and restorative.