Vintage jewelry is a wonderful, simple way to update and improve your look. Vintage pieces have a unique feel to them, and it is unlikely that anyone else has the exact same piece as you. You do not need new, modern jewelry to complete your look; vintage jewelry is a great alternative.

Break the monotony of a modern outfit or add to a funky one with a piece of vintage jewelry. Avoid wearing multiple vintage pieces at once, since they tend to be large and overpowering. Instead, pick out one you like that matches something in your outfit, such as color, pattern or an image. A large, heavy necklace goes well with a flowing shirt or dress and holds down the fabric while giving it a little shape, while a lighter necklace is best paired with slim-fitting clothes, for example. Try wearing vintage necklaces with plain clothing, and make the necklace the central focus of the outfit.

If possible, learn the history of any vintage jewelry you buy. These unique pieces are often a conversation starter, so learn some basic information about what you wear so you are able to answer questions, such as time period, materials and any meaning behind the design.

Build up a collection of vintage jewelry to fit your favorite outfits. Vintage jewelry is easy to find online, in antique stores and at yard sales, so there are plenty of places to find jewelry. Make sure you learn how to care for the older pieces of jewelry to ensure a long product life.