It is very important to me when I carry a skin care line that I have contact with the principles for the company and formulators.   That way you get the first hand knowledge from them. They are so happy to help customers with skin care needs.  One of the people that I admire is Ken Simpson, the CEO and formulator for Skin 2 Skin Care

This article has many helpful hints on saving and irritated skin caused by shaving from Ken Simpson..

1.   Be sure to changes your razor at least every other week minimum.

2.       Get a little plastic container and put some rubbing alcohol 80 to 90 concentration. Every morning before you shave,put the razor in the alcohol to kill staff bacteria and other bacteria. Hot water will not kill staff

3.       Dampen face and neck with warm water (not hot) Cleans face no less then 45 seconds to beard area (face and neck) using an upward circular motion rinse face with warm water. Do not dry face! Leave beard wet.  May dry eyes and forehead.

4.       Apply a shaving cream – not a foam – I use hair conditioner not shaving cream – Garnier Fructis Fortifying Conditioner Full & Plush Conditioner – or the Color Treated – Or use one now you like and shave with it!

a.       Why? The beard is hair and hair conditioners are made to soften and condition the hair in all my years this is the only thing that keeps me clear of irritation and shaving redness

5.       Shave and lightly cleanse area after shaving to remove all film left by the conditioner – dry by patting the face and neck dry don’t rub

6.       Apply the Aging Intervention Cream – this will help heal the skin, prevent ingrown hairs, clogged pours, anti-inflammation  and it is good preventive anti-aging skincare product . The skin will be softer and smooth to the touch.

  Scrub is important – once to twice a week to prevent ingrown hairs – nothing worse than an ingrown hair. Try the Oatmeal and  Pomegranate Scrub.  It is so hydrating also.

If an  electric razor is used, clean the screen and blades with alcohol 1 to 2 times a week. Always us a pre- electric razor product it helps the razor to gild on the face and prevent irritation.


Ken Simpson

Chief Formulator, Co-Founder & CEO